August Reading Plan

Aug. 3-9 2 Corinthians 2-8
Aug. 10-16 2 Corinthians 9-13, Galatians 1-2
Aug. 17-23 Galatians 3-6, Philippians 1-3
Aug. 24-30 Philippians 4, Colossians 1-4,
1 Thessalonians 2-3

September Reading Plan

Aug. 31-Sept.6 1 Thessalonians 4-5, 2 Thessalonians 1-3,
1 Timothy 1-2
Sept. 7-Sept.13 1 Timothy 3-6, 2 Timothy 1-3
Sept. 14-Sept. 20 2 Timothy 4, Titus 1-3, Philemon, Hebrews 1-2
Sept. 21-Sept. 27 Hebrews 3-9
Sept. 28- Oct. 4 Hebrews 10-13, James 1-3

October Reading Plan

Oct. 5-Oct. 11 James 4-5, 1 Peter 1-5
Oct. 12-Oct. 18 2 Peter 1-3, 1 John 1-4
Oct. 19-Oct. 25 1 John 5, 2 John, 3 John, Jude, Psalms 1-3
Oct. 26-Nov. 1 Psalms 4-10

November Reading Plan

Nov. 2-Nov. 8 John 1-7
Nov. 9-Nov. 15 John 8-14
Nov. 16-Nov.22 John 15-21
Nov. 23-Nov. 29 Luke 1-7

December Reading Plan

Nov. 30-Dec.6 Luke 8-14
Dec. 7-Dec. 13 Luke 15-21
Dec. 14-Dec. 20 Luke 22-24, Psalm 11-14
Dec. 21-Dec. 27 Read at your own discretion
Dec. 28-Jan. 3 Read at your own discretion

Living Way Network

loving God…loving people…making disciples as we go…


Check out the latest devotional from the Living Way Network.  Each month we focus on the same scripture so that we are growing in the word together.


Keep up to date with everything going on in the Living Way Network.  Find a gathering or event near you and get connected with each other.

Living Worship

Our worship team is amazing and they are currently in the studio cutting their first EP.  Check out the Living Worship demo and pre order the EP.

Give Online

If you were not able to give in person then giving online is the best and simplest way for you to make a finical difference in the life of Living Way.

Connect with a community gathering

We believe that God’s love is most effectively shared through authentic relationships, and that community transformation happens as we share our lives with others.  Inviting them into relationships where the transforming power of Christ’s love can be experienced!

Calhoun, GA

The Calhoun small group meets on Thursdays.  Please contact pastor Keith King for details.  678-767-2062
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Cartersville, GA

The Cartersville Gathering typically on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, at 7pm.
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Cass-White, GA

The Cass-White area currently has two gatherings, a family gathering and a book club.
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Jacksonville, FL

More information will be posted soon
about the Jacksonville, FL gathering.
The gathering is lead by Pete and Tam Duran.
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Missional Congregations

The Living Way Network is made up of other congregations networked in relationship and in mission.